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Caring for straight hair during winter

Wife and daughter both have straight hair, so here's some tips for other ladies out there!

Freezing climate on the ski slope is as intense as exposure to the sun at the shore. Combining this with a blustery winter wind which affects the hair and the icy cold, snore and rain, which all makes hair dry and brittle, can all get together to generate some pretty bad winter hair days says Nick.

Nick Chavez, a celebrity hair stylist and a QVC Hair Care Expert said, "The environment comes with some of the most damaging effects on hair in winter and summer however, the winter months are often worse because people generally will not take extra precautions to protect their hair". He is even the owner of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Salon.

How To Protect Natural Hair Against Cold Months Of Winter

Well, it really is a known fact that winter air may be particularly dry. That is why, it really is a proven fact that a lot of people with natural hair have trouble with retaining moisture and preventing breakages. When drying straight hair, particularly during the cold winter months, ensure that your hydrate your hair, from roots to tips. It is essential to realize that one thing a person will see is just how you have or representing yourself.  Quite simply, an individual will have a look at you physically (how you will walk, talk, the garments you may have, your own hair style and the way you talk) and it also generally affects your day-to-day work as well as life.

Now, one thing to do is by using a thick, rich and moisturizing conditioner and employ it regularly if you feel your is dry. According to Nick, the most effective product to obtain is which has essential fatty acids and humectants. His reason is not merely because they are the very best at moisturizing hair, but mainly because they assistance in attracting and holding moisture within the hair which this could be challenging in the winter months weather.

Harris, who developed his very own type of damage control hair products. The important thing ingredients within his hair protective products are panthenol and soy proteins that are all should have to control winter hair. For Chavez, whose Perfect Plus collection of hair care goods are sure sell-outs for electronic retailer QVC, the real key to picking the right conditioner has everything with regards to knowing your hair type.

Chavez mentioned that in case you have been blessed with natural ultra-thick heavy Asian hair or the thick African American natural hair, you may need a heavy thick conditioning pack, and deep solution for about thirty minutes or at a minimum 2 times each week. However, since because these kinds of hair naturally hold oil at the roots and the other hair can look so dry he recommends not conditioning the location closest to the scalp during winter.

Should you be applying hair products, you must begin from 2 inches away from the scalp along with pull it with the hair for the ends.

Harris advises customers to avoid conditioning pack if your hair is thin and fine.  The reason being , the conditioner is heavy for such type of hair even once it has been damaged. Instead, he recommends using normal hair conditioners each time you are washing the hair. Next, you must supplement it having a light conditioner in spray. However, it has to be very light or it might weigh down fine hair to make it flat and limp.

Both Harris and Chavez recommend supplementing the hair with natural hair products and treatments of vegetable oil. Harris prefers Safflower while Chavez prefers Essential olive oil.

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